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Once you understand it by your ears,

English is yours 

MZM Academy is an innovative online English-learning platform started by two Chinese students who speak English like native speakers thanks to the unique and effective language-learning method they developed. By listening to and dubbing videos in English for merely twenty minutes daily, users can start understanding English in its spoken form and then move on to reading, writing, speaking, and even thinking like native speakers. 

Our Mission

A more connected world, with more ideas, dreams and passion to be shared

MZM Academy aims to provide English learners from every corner of the world with a free solution that is enjoyable, effective, and efficient. We hope that through MZM Academy, everyone can have an equal chance to start understanding and speaking English instinctually, discovering its hidden value and beauty, and truly mastering it afterwards. As users become more and more fluent in the world’s most powerful language, they can also gain access to valuable information disseminated worldwide and eventually have their thoughts and dreams heard across the oceans. 


Our People


Open-minded and 

Ready to help

Erica Ewing Zhou
Sean Ewing Zhou
Jian Xiong Zheng
Advisor of technology
Shan Li
Advisor of marketing
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