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About MZM Academy

Accessible to All Students

MZM Academy is a non-profit educational platform that makes English and math learning fun, effective, and efficient. By investing only 30 minutes per day, you can tackle the world language and think like a mathematician.

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Our Story

September 2017

"I founded MZM Academy to help students in marginalized communities learn English and fly their dreams abroad." In 2015, Erica was paired with Yang Jin from Tibet for a six-year exchange program. As a middle school student, Erica witnessed pronounced educational disparities.

October 2018

MZM Academy was officially registered as an EdTech company in Zhuhai, China. Initially, Erica, along with 10+ volunteers, instructed MZM members English and Math online through social media platforms. As our user-base grew, we found traditional teaching methods challenging and inefficient.

September 2019

Sean, co-founder and CTO of MZM Academy, led the development of an intelligent speech grading tool that automated evaluations, making teaching and learning much more efficient.

March 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted education, forcing schools worldwide to migrate online. During active stay-at-home order periods, students reported decreasing motivation for independent studies. 

September 2020

To cope with the unprecedented challenge, we pivoted MZM Academy from a standalone product to a vibrant platform. The integration with WeChat mini-programs led to broader access. We also introduced a dynamic leaderboard to foster a collaborative learning community.

Looking Ahead

MZM Academy has guided thousands of socioeconomically disadvantaged students in English and math learning. We envision expanding to other academic fields, providing personalized online education for the diverse student population. Everyone can learn, from anywhere!

Our people
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