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why mzm?

MZM Academy believes that linguistic skills is a universal opportunity accessible to all students. Unlike the mainstream education system, MZM Academy fosters interests and captures curiosity from members in English and math learning


MZM Academy is a non-profit. One of our core founding purposes is to "provide students with diverse backgrounds an opportunity to learn and grow." Therefore, learning comes with no cost at MZM Academy.


With the guidance and support of education specialists, MZM Academy utilizes comprehensible materials and incorporates artificial intelligence to capture common errors, give recommendations, and drive improvements.


Unlike traditional education that requires students' presence in the classroom, MZM Academy can be accessed anywhere at anytime. Once you upload your script, a personalized report would be generated within minutes.


Unlike other education platforms, learning in MZM Academy happens in a community. By interacting with a diverse student body, members are encouraged to interact and collaborate with each other.

How it works

Let us know who you are, what you need, and how we can help you.

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We will evaluate your profile and contact you with a matched group. 

Join our community and get to know your mentors and peers.

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What Our members Say


Peter Su, Duke University, Class of 2026

"Initially, I thought MZM Academy was like other after-class schools that crammed me with problem sets. It turned out the opposite! Their teaching methods were unique and the AI-driven platform was fun to use, which greatly improved my English and math proficiencies. 

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